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Visions & Dreams

Everyone at the Sissy Made It Studio has been super busy planning for 2011!!! 

Visions and Dreams is the theme for this year at Sissy Made It!!!  The trade show in January, held at the Americas Mart, January 14 – 18th  will be exciting as the Sissy Made It company will show product in Building 2 on the 8th floor in Social Trends  new Permenant Showroom,  as well as our very own temporary showroom in  Building 3 – 4th Floor.  

We have tons of new designs and over 15 new phrases!!  Our booth on the 4th floor at the AmericasMart in Downtown Atlanta  is taking on a whole new look!  Andrea, Jamie and Julie will be more than happy to show you all of the new products as well as talk about custom design work that will  help you grow your very own business!!!

Fundraising will coninue to be a focus in 2011.  Public as well as Private Schools have joined with Sissy Made It to raise funds for their specific school or organization!  If you would like more details about how you can help your school or organization raise money,  please call the studio at 618-715-0012. 

E Commerce continues to be one of our focuses and as we update and revamp our website and make it even easier for our loyal Sissy Made It customers to purchase our products!

Outside Sales Reps continue to be a focus as we grow our business!  Social Trends, located in Atlanta, Georgia is one of the sales rep groups we’ve joined forces with in 2011 to expand our presence in the Southeast Region!  

We wish each of you a Happy New Year and regardless of what your profession is,  we challenge you to reach for the stars and follow your Dreams!!!

We receive so many ideas for our customers about ways to use Sissy Made It Tags that we would love to share them all. 

Sissy Made It tags can be used as backpack tags, luggage tags, bookmarks and so much more.  Many of our customers have such creative and neat ideas that it is hard to tell everyone about all of them.  Sissy Made It has done custom tags for store owners, schools, volleyball teams, greek life, cheerleaders, fundraisers and so much more! 

Tell us what your favorite use for your Sissy Made It Tags are…..

We just got a mention on the Oprah Message Board… 

The team at Sissy Made It would love to have some of our loyal customers log on and list what your favorite use is!!!

Let’s Talk about Mrs. Post!!!

Our longtime friend Ms. Natalie Ellis – Chang has branched out on her own after working for some great companies. 

We met Natalie when she was just in High School and what talent she had then!

After completing her education at Taylor University,  Natalie began working for the Mary Engelbreit Company in St. Louis, Missouri. 

She then branched out and took a position with Julia D. Azar in Memphis, Tennessee. 

While both of these companies were wonderful to work for and she made lifelong friends at each,  she was approached by Lifeguard Press and that is how the story begins…

  Natalie was born with a “bow” in her hair!

As she grew into a beautiful young woman her passion for creativity  included the

bright and bold colors

 of current fashion, while always remaining classy and sophisticated!

  Lifeguard Press which features

Jonathan Adler and Lily Pullitzer

was just the fit for this full of energy young lady who loves the bright and bold colors of Lily! 

Natalie is funloving, creative, dedicated, talented, passionate, and oh so focused ……. so with that said!!!!!

Everyone at  Sissy Made It is proud to introduce you to the one and only –

 Mrs. Post Stationery


Memphis, Tennessee

  If you are in the area,  you need to stop in as the new store opens – July 1st.

We are so very proud of you – Ms. Natalie

Everyone at Sissy Made It is so excited about the UPcoming Atlanta Trade Show being held at the Merchandise Mart in downtown Atlanta.  The dates are set and we will be displaying our product on July 16th – 20th.  Please stop by our booth in Building 3.  Sissy Made It is located on the 4th Floor in booth 911. 

The studio has been busy working on the new tags for organization as well as our new recycle and greek life tags!   If you are looking for a way to increase traffic to your store,  we invite you to visit with us in Atlanta! 

We promise to post the pictures just as soon as the booth is set up at the Mart!

Oh so excited!  We’ve got a mention on the Rachael Ray Message Board!! Sissy Made It is so excited!!!

Here is the link!

I copied and pasted the message if you didn’t want to follow the link!!!

I found this awesome idea online and thought I would share it with you. I was looking for an affordable and functional party favor for a bridal shower I was hosting. I found these tags from “Sissy Made It” and ordered them to wrap around my cloth napkins at each guests place setting. Those tags made my table settings pop with the fabulous shade of pink!

My guests were so excited to find out that the tag with their initial on it was for them to take home! I was thrilled to find out when I ordered from the company, that the tags could be custom made in the coordinating colors of the shower. The color of the tags along with my floral centerpieces were absolutely georgeous!

The tags were functional, affordable and added the color and uniqueness I was looking for!

Happy Party Planning!

Fashionable Office!

 The Crew at Sissy Made It has been very busy working on the new line of  “Organize Your World” Tags! 

 We are so excited about the functionality of these tags that we decided to roll out a


 early to our customers before the Atlanta Trade Show!

Office Oganization!
Organize Your Office!


Start Organizing your World! 

Take a look at our “Sissy Made It” tags that will organize your office!

Retro Office!

We have tags to organzie your laundry area, children’s rooms and much more! 

The Crew at Sissy Made It will post more pictures very soon! 

We hope you are as excited about our new product line!


Enter your comment below and you will have a chance to win

 (One) Free Set of Sissy Made It

 “Office Organizational Tags” 

Sissy Made It will ~Organize Your World!!

You’ve asked for it and we are working on getting you organized! 

Want to organize your life, play room, laundry room or closet? 

We’ve got just the tag

Why not order custom Sissy Made It Tags that will help you do just that!

We offer tags that have phrases such as:

Laundry Room:

Clean, Dirty, Whites, Darks, Ironing, Special Wash, Dry Clean

So instead of piles,  you can have baskets or bins and your family can toss

their clothes directly into the bins!

WOW! Look – Instantly organized!

Play Room:

Stuffed Animals, Books, Toys, Videos, Games

Same idea,  only use bins in the play room and help your children get organized!


Bills, Paid, File, Deal with it Later, Respond

If you have ideas or suggestions, please let us know….. We would love to hear from  you!

The contest winner for March is Teresa Oliver! 

Yeah …. Teresa!  Just send us a quick email to

and your six Sissy Made It Tags will be on their way to you! 

We hope you enjoy your tags as much as we do! 

Sissy Made it Tags are always so Stylish, Fun & Functional! 

Remember we would love for you to become our fan on Facebook!

We are proud to be a part of Project 3/50!

Take time to read all about it and save your local community!


Ever thought about getting the word out about your school or organization! 

Why not use custom Sissy Made it Tags!

Check out some of our photos on facebook

 We are feeling the creative juices in the studio! 

Give us your ideas!

Tag your bag~Show Your Style~

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